Things to Think When Screening

Finding a good, qualified and competent employee these days is hard to come by. There is an enormous pressure on human resource department of very organization to hire capable and talented workforce, and sometimes in this haste-and-hurry or to meet the deadline HR Managers fail to balance the job requirement with the competence of the hired ones and cost-worried managers often stay away from background screening or simply over-look it.

When a company goes for hiring, it must keep following things in fore to make the hiring-decision easy.

Take it seriously

Finding and hiring someone is not the only purpose of getting an employee on board, but background verification should be taken as vital step in recruiting process.

A well-planned hiring process should include background check on prospective employees; to have their job records check, criminal background check, credit history and many other factors should be kept in mind. Keeping the ever-growing competition in mind, most of the candidates tend to bend the facts or fib in their resumes to get a suitable job, in view of the most the companies whether small or big background screening has become a must-step for them.

Candidate Provided Info

Hiring Process always gives a tough time to HR managers. One has to keep many things in mind before taking a final decision. Sometime there are so many similarities between many candidates that it makes difficult to hire the right one. But if sorting out all the details regarding education, employment-history, social-profile and all the personal details provided by the candidate in the resume will help candidate’s abilities. A sound evaluation helps justifying whether the candidate stands fit for the job.

Sound Screening Policies

Companies should spell out screening process clearly for all the new hiring. This process needed to be carried out in a similar fashion to evade discrimination and prejudice against anyone. It is necessary for HR department to attentively keep a watch on every step of hiring and try to ensure that only best candidates get through.

Get Candidate Consent

Always keep the screening policies in black and white and candidate must be informed about that so that there would no chance left for any misunderstanding. Always informed the applicant and get his permission prior to screening. According to FCRA a candidate must be informed of the policy. Without applicant’s signature there should not any screening process set in motion.

Heed the Legality

Having a background screening is an important process and legal terms play a vital role in it. Never should legality be put on back burner in the screening process. It would be safe and sound when legal team is taken on board while going for screening process to avoid any legal mishap.

Conventional Still Weighs

Although background screening has become modernize and so much easy with the advent of cloud computing and availability of data on the cyber-space, and it is very easy to go over candidate’s social profiling and have the information required, but traditional and conventional ways of phoning the former employer or friends still weigh on hiring process.

Talk to Candidate

During the background screening, if something emerges that is troublesome, it should be discussed with applicants and do not interpret that info in a wrong way while making a final decision. Company must inform the employee about their ‘find-out’ and the reason for not hiring lest he/she think that the rejection might be based on some discrimination or else.

Rely on experts

If the company has no experience in having a background screening in the past but now wants to give it a try, then it is advised that hire someone with experience. It is always better to ask from someone who knows. There are many background screening companies with manpower, skill, expertise and reach to do your task for you.


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